Magna Celebrates Manufacturing Milestone

  • Shelby Foam Systems has made 50 million seat foam pads since starting in 2010
  • Plant focuses on best practices, innovation and sustainable manufacturing
  • Dedicated team embodies Magna’s company culture

For the extended amount of time people spend in their cars, it could be considered a second home to most. Comfort is key, something the team at Magna’s Shelby Foam Systems in Michigan understands very well. The division specializes in producing foam pads used in automotive seats and hit the 50-million-pad mark for numerous vehicles since starting in 2010.

“We are proud of the company culture our team embodies. Our dedicated, hardworking people commit themselves to customer quality and satisfaction every day,” said Bob Sherman, General Manager of Shelby Foam Systems, Magna Seating.

Shelby Foam Systems is a 62,500-square-foot facility with 175 employees. The team currently produces about 24,000 foam pads per day, which are used in the seats for vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Bolt, and Kenworth and Peterbilt heavy trucks.

The facility makes best practices and sustainability a priority, focusing especially on energy management and foam-equipment efficiencies. With a quick tool change process that is unique to the Shelby plant, the production process operates with peak flexibility and efficiency. To help reduce Magna’s ecological footprint, manufacturing processes incorporate soy-based raw materials and recycled scrap foam in making the seat pads.

Shelby Foam Systems is an active member of its community and has previously been recognized by Macomb County with an Efficiency Expert Award, by DTE with an Impact Energy Efficiency Award, and by FCA with an Environmental Leadership Award for Most Innovative Use of Plastics.

Quelle: Magna

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